Congratulations! Our members have passed the Freestyle 8 Test!

Congratulations to below skaters for passing the Freestyle 8 Test!

Sirithip Sungkasap from Imperial World Ice Skating, Thailand
Marcella Pasuree Tatirat from Imperial World Ice Skating, Thailand
Kenika Ratsameekomen from Chiangmai Ice Arena, Thailand
Hinako Kubo from Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club, Thailand
Nanthachaporn Wiriyakajonkul from Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club, Thailand
Esther Chong Yi Xuan from Icescape Ice Rink, Malaysia
Chew Sze Chyi from Icescape Ice Rink, Malaysia
Oh Wei Xuan from Icescape Ice Rink, Malaysia

You could visit High Level Test Result for all the members who passed level 8-10 and Platinum tests for the year.

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By jayleung / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Dec 13, 2023