Mr. Raul Gomes
Executive Director

Mr. Harry Janto Leo

Ms. Rainey Xiao
1st Vice President

Mr. Wiwin Damawan Salim
2nd Vice President

Mr. Jon Robinson

Mrs. Linda Huggins

Greetings to all ISIAsia members, officials and friends,
It is truly an honor to be given the opportunity to lead one of the Asia’s leading ice skating organizations and to strengthen on the tremendous work of the skating community in South East Asia.
As part of ISIAsia’s goals, we will continue to focus on increasing and diversifying our membership and enhancing our professional development initiatives.
We value all your contributions as they are essential to the success of ISIAsia. Please do encourage others to join our prestigious organization and to network with us in Asia. As we move forward to another successful year, please feel free to contact any of our Board members with questions or suggestions.
 Harry Janto Leo
Harry Janto Leo President