Indonesia Ice Skating Open Poster

2020 1st series : Indonesia Ice Skating Open in Indonesia

Competition Date: 20-22 Feb          Entry deadline: 19 Dec 2019


Championship Series 2020 and Series Final had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. The point earned at the 2020 1st Series will be carried to 2022 Series.


Skate Beijing 2022 Logo

2022 1st series : Skate Beijing 2022

Competition Date: 22-24 Jul 2022          Entry deadline: 05 Jun 2022


Skate Asia 2022 Logo

2022 2nd series : Skate Asia in Malaysia

Competition Date: 6-14 Aug 2022          Entry deadline: 13 Jun 2022


Bangkok Figure Skating Classic 2022 Logo

2022 3rd series : Bangkok Figure Skating Classic 2022

Competition Date: 22-23 Oct 2022          Entry deadline: TBC


2022 4th series : ISI Skate Hong Kong 2022

Competition Date: 5-6, 12-13 Nov, 2022 (TBC)          Entry deadline: TBC


ISIAsia Championship Series

Ice Skating Institute Asia is proud to announce an introduction of a new ISIAsia Competition Point System.

Starting from January of each year, all the points earned from 5 annually chosen events on the ISIAsia calendar will be totalled and credited towards an ISIAsia Skating Ranking.

This ranking will recognise:

  1. Skaters (Individual Members)
  2. Coaches (Professional Members)
  3. Ice Rinks (Administrative Members)

Main Objectives:

  • To encourage skaters in Asia to participate in more competitions and events
  • To encourage coaches in Asia to send more skaters to competitions and events
  • To recognise and build Asian coaches’ credentials
  • To encourage the ice rinks in Asia to support and promote Regional ISIAsia competitions to their skaters

ISIAsia Championship Series Points

In case of disputes, ISIAsia reserves the right to make the final decision.

ISIAsia Championship Series 2022