The Ice Skating Institute is an international industry trade association encompassing all aspects of the ice skating industry.

ISI was founded in 1959 as a nonprofit organization for owners, operators and developers of ice skating facilities. For more than 50 years, ISI has become the industry trade association for progressive ice skating facilities, managers, coaching professionals, suppliers and individual skaters.


Some specific objectives include:

  • Encourage participation in ice skating as a recreational sport.
  • Provide recreational ice skating programs for skaters of all ages and abilities.
  • Annually host national/international recreational skating competitions.

Our membership consists of approximately 100 administrative members, 600 plus professional members and approximately 7000 individual members.

Adminstrative Member


Only ISI member facilities, schools and clubs have the right to use ISI copyrighted programs and materials. Our Learn-to-Skate and Learn-to-Play Hockey Programs aid instructors in teaching students the fundamentals of figure skating and hockey.

Professional (Coach) Member


All coaches who are using the ISI program or who have any skater participating in any ISI/ISIAsia test or competition events are required to be a current ISI/ISIAsia Professional member.

Individual Member

$25 / $43
$200 / $340
1-year / 2-year

Any skater wishing to participate in an ISI/ISIAsia-endorsed competition at any level, is required to be an Individual or Professional Member.