1. Competition events are open to any Individual or Professional ISI/ISIAsia member whose membership is current up to and including the end date of the competition.

2. All competitors must compete at their highest test level passed and comply with all equivalency chart levels. All tests must be registered with the ISIAsia office by the test deadline for each event.

3. All competitors must represent a current ISI/ISIAsia Administrative member rink, club or skating school. It is permissible to represent one Administrative member for individual/partner events and a different Administrative member for team/group events.

4. Skaters in Pre Alpha – Delta may not compete in Figure 1, Freestyle 1, Bronze Freestyle, Free Dance 1, Couple 1, Pair 1 or Bronze Pair.

Skaters who have passed Freestyle 1, Bronze Freestyle, Free Dance 1, Figure 1, Couple 1, Pair 1 or Open Pair can no longer compete in Pre-Alpha – Delta events.

5. Any skater wishing to compete in Artistic, Footwork, Interpretive, Spotlight, etc. is still required to pass and register a test level (i.e. Pre-Alpha – Delta, traditional Freestyle or Open Freestyle) to determine the level for those event entries.

6. Members of other organizations are eligible and welcome to compete in ISIAsia competitions as long as they are Individual members of ISIAsia and have all their ISI tests passed and registered with the ISIAsia office. USFS members must also be a current ISIAsia member and register ISI tests up to and including the equivalent chart test level below for traditional Freestyle events or follow the new Open Freestyle chart equivalents.

For requirements of the minimum ISI test level on which USFS skaters must compete, see chart below:

USFS skater who has passed May compete in ISI no lower than***
Pre Prelimnary Freestyle 3/Open Bronze
Prelimnary Freestyle 4/Open Silver
Pre-Juvenile Freestyle 4/Open Silver
Juvenile Freestyle 6/Open Gold
Intermediate Freestyle 6/Open Gold
Novoice Freestyle 8/Open Platinum
Junior Freestyle 8/Open Platinum
Senior Freestyle 8/Open Platinum
Adult Pre-Bronze Freestyle 2/Open Bronze
Adult Bronze Freestyle 3/Open Bronze
Adult Silver Freestyle 4/Open Silver
Adult Gold Freestyle 5/Open Gold
USFS skater who has passed the entire Dance Test below: May compete in ISI no lower than:
Preliminary Dance Dance 3
Pre Bronze Dance Dance 4
Bronze Dance Dance 5
Pre Silver Dance Dance 6
Silver Dance Dance 7
Pre Gold Dance Dance 9
Gold Dance Dance 10

7. Skaters are expected to compete at their true ability level and to uphold ethical standards. All entry forms must be signed by a current ISIAsia Professional member to verify the correct test level.

8. Females and males are separated in most technical events, but may be combined in Artistic, Dance, Figures, Footwork, Interpretive, Jump & Spin, Rhythmic, Solo Compulsories, Spotlight, Stroking, Surprise and team events.

9. As a reward for their achievement, all skaters who have passed any level 9 or 10 test in Freestyle, Couple, Pair, Dance, Free Dance or Figures are entitled to one complimentary first event entry at each ISIAsia  competition.

10. Vocal music is permitted for all ISIAsia competition events.

11. There is no penalty for skating under any prescribed program duration time.

12. There will be a short warm-up period before most events. There will be a 2-minute warm-up for Solo Compulsories, Jump & Spin Teams, and all Team Events. There is NO WARM-UP for Speedracing, Stroking, or Surprise events. NO BACKWARD ARABESQUES / SPIRALS are permitted during any warm-up for the safety of all skaters.

13. Specific performance criteria for competition event can be found in the latest ISI Handbook.