Test Registration Procedure

Step 1 – Fill in and return the ISIAsia Test Form by mail / email

Step 2 – After receiving the application forms, we will send out invoice within 7 working days.

Step 3 – Please settle the invoice by choosing one of the following payment method:

    • Deposit cash / cheque to the ISIAsia bank account and Email the deposit slip to us with the invoice no. quoting on the slip.
    • Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to the ISIAsia bank account and Email the TT application form to us with the invoice no. quoting on the TT form.
    • Mail a cheque to our postal address with the invoice no. quoting on the back of the cheque.


    1. Please be reminded that UNIDENTIFIED PAYMENT will not be processed and will result in delay of application.
    2. A certificate to show the achievement of the relevant level will be issued to qualified Individual Members once the supporting test forms have been received and registered by the member rink.
    3. A pin will be attached with the certificate for Pre-Alpha to Delta and Freestyle 1 – 10.
Test Requirements

There are four primary requirements in taking ISI recreational ice skater tests:

    • Tests must be taken and passed in order of difficulty.
    • Tests must be administered at a current ISI/ISIAsia Administrative Member.
    • Tests must be graded by a current ISI/ISIAsia Professional Member.
    • Tests must be taken by a current ISI/ISIAsia Individual or Professional Member.
Test Registration Fee
    • USD8 / HKD60 for each Pre- Alpha – Delta and Freestyle test
    • USD5 / HKD40 for each Tot, Dance, Pair, Couple, Hockey & Figure test
High Level Test Procedure and Guidelines

Video Test Fee (Effective from 1 January, 2018)

    • USD20 / HKD160 for Freestyle 5 and Freestyle 6
    • USD55 / HKD440 for Freestyle 7 to Freestyle 9
    • Please contact ISIAsia Office for more details of Freestyle 10


    • Freestyle 5 and Freestyle 6 tests must be judged by ONE examiner, who has either passed the same or above Freestyle level or is a Silver Judge Test certified.
    • Freestyle 7 tests must be judged by THREE examiners who have either passed the same or above Freestyle or are Gold Judge Test certified.
    • The skater’s instructor may not serve as the examiner for his/her students.
    • If the coach is unable to arrange for three other qualified examiners to judge, a video test must be sent to the ISIAsia office for judging.
    • If an ISIAsia Ice RInk has its own judges who meet the above required qualifications for Freestyle 5-7 tests, they can be the judge/s for those levels as long as they are not the skater’s own coach and not necessary to submit video to ISIAsia Office for judging.
    • Coaches who do not fulfill the above required criteria, but have had students previously pass the relevant levels, should contact the ISIAsia Office to check his/her eligibility to judge Freestyle 5 to Freestyle 7 tests.
    • For other high level tests other than Freestyle, please contact us at members@isiasia.org for more information.

Video Test Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed for all High Level Test videos:

  1. The video must be unedited and use a single camera.
  2. Skaters should present themselves in proper skating attire and with neat hair appearance.
  3. Skaters should introduce themselves on camera with their name, home rink and the test level they are submitting.
  4. The video must be filmed on clear ice (with no other skaters) and be unedited from a single camera.
  5. A short rest is allowed in between the compulsory portion and the skating of the program; however filming must be continued during that time period.
  6. Freestyle Test
    • The video must show each required compulsory maneuver attempted two times (performed in the same order as listed in the current ISI Handbook) and then followed by the non-stop program.
    • The required dance step turns for that test level must be performed two times in isolation (alone) before completing the entire dance step sequence two times for the compulsory portion of the test.
  7. Before sending the video to ISI, watch and review the video to make sure all the requirements are met. Also check specific maneuvers so everything can be clearly seen – like the angle of both legs in the Split Lutz jump, etc.
  8. If you are trying to meet a competition entry deadline, please allow at least 30 days to receive test results.


    • Each part of the recording must be in continuous take and cannot be broken into several recordings.
    • For tests of Level 10, it will be conducted live only in the Skate Asia Competitions and ISI World Competitions
    • If a skater does not pass, he/she can have not more than two additional attempts before he/she will need to resubmit the High Level Test Request application and fee for any subsequent video submissions of his/her test. Video must be sent within three months upon receipt of the test result of the first attempt. Skaters have to resubmit the application for High Level Test Request if the test is not passed within the specified period.

Video Test Procedure

  1. Step 1 – Fill in the High Level Test Application Form and submit to ISIAsia Office by mail / email
  2. Step 2 – Make sure the skaters and coaches have valid membership before submitting the video
  3. Step 3 – Settle payment by method stated above
  4. Step 4 – Submit the Recorded video by download link / Youtube link with payment to ISIAsia Office in Hong Kong

Live Test Procedure

  1. Step 1 – Fill in the High Level Test Application Form and submit to the ISIAsia Office TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the test. The application should state the date, time, testing venue and 3 judges nominated and 1 standby judges for ISIAsia approval.
  2. Step 2 – Make sure the skaters and coaches have valid membership before taking the test
  3. Step 3 – Payment of USD55/HKD440 to ISIAsia before taking the testIMPORTANT NOTES
      • For Live test, a video must be recorded during the test and submitted to ISIAsia Office for record. Guideline please refer to Video Test Guidelines.