Judging at ISI competitions is done by certified ISI Professional members. All coaches who have students participating in an ISI competition are required to volunteer their time to judge at the event.

In order to become certified to judge at ISI competitions, the Professional must pass at least one level of the ISI Judge Certification Examination. The certification exam is usually offered during ISIAsia Championship Series competition.

All tests are open-book tests. Most answers can be found in the current edition of the ISI Handbook.

This exam style is used to test the candidate’s knowledge of maneuver requirements, competition events, event levels, penalties, and knowledge of where to find the correct information in current ISI publications.

There are three ISI Judge Certification exams. The Bronze, Silver and Gold tests must be taken in order. Coach cannot take Silver and Gold tests on the same day.

All Professional Members who have passed any level of the ISI Judge Certification exams before August 1, 2018 must pass this 2018 Update Test to maintain their current certification level. The Update test is available. New rules went into effect on September 1, 2018.


If you have not taken the current Update Test, please complete and send the Update Test sheet to ISIAsia at members@isiasia.org. The Late application fee is USD22 / HKD180 per coach.

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